Wild Science

Our Programs

  • Penguins on parade    (Gr. K-6th)

Share the experiences of a scientist who worked in Antarctica to study penguins.  We’ll cover penguin adaptations, the animals they live with, the similarities/differences to Alaskan seabirds and the methods scientists use to learn more about penguins.  And no...penguins don’t live in Alaska.

  • Slime, Suckers, and Siphons!  (Gr. 3rd-12th)

Let us introduce you to an amazing group of animals – the Cephalopods!  Octopus and squid are amazing creatures that are extremely important in marine ecosystems.  Explore the ins and outs of these “head-footed”, beaked, jet propelled creatures through a guided (dissection) hands-on experience – you’ll be glad you ‘squid.

  • Custom science education experience (K-12th)

Let Wild Science assist you in reaching your science goals by having us create an interactive, scientific and FUN educational program so you don’t have to!

•     More exciting science opportunities coming soon - look for: Alaska's Dinosaurs,
"Bug Out! (Insects)", "Gyotaku", "Alaskan animal adaptations", "Super songbirds" and MORE!